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What is the NIS-4 schedule of activities?

Work on the NIS-4 began in April 2004.

Sampling.The samples were developed to select counties, agencies, cases, and sentinels during 2004 and 2005.

Recruitment. Recruitment began in September 2004, when the first agencies were selected and continued into spring 2006.

Data Collection. Each county was assigned to one of two reference periods: September 4 - December 3, 2005 or February 4 - May 3, 2006. The NIS-4 gathered data about children accepted for CPS investigation or who were maltreated and recognized by sentinels during each period. Data collection began at the outset of the first study reference period and concluded in June 2007.

Data Processing and Analysis. Data processing proceeded from the receipt of the first data forms through July 2007. Analyses and report writing were underway throughout the 2007 calendar year and into the fall of 2009.

Reports. The following NIS–4 Reports are available now:

  • The NIS–4 Report to Congress – Released 1/28/2010
    The Design and Methods Summary, Appendix A of the NIS–4 Report to Congress.
available at:

The following NIS–4 Reports will be available soon:

Technical Reports:

    NIS-4 Data Collection Report

    NIS-4 Analysis Report

Supplementary Study Reports:

    CPS Structure and Practices Mail Survey

    CPS Screening Policies Study

    Sentinel Definitions Survey

Supplementary Analysis Reports:

    Comparison of NIS-4 and NCANDS

    Supplementary Analysis of Race Differences in the NIS-4

    Incidence Projections in the 2009 Recession Economy